Mission Statement

The Mission of The Innovative Community Action Network (I.C.A.N.) Mentoring Program is to address the problems and needs related to the growing isolation of young people within our community through mentoring, by offering support and guidance to at-risk and troubled youths.  

Program  Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a balanced and realistic mentoring program that encourages youths to deter from the juvenile justice system.
  • To offer spiritual support and guidance assistance to at-risk and troubled youths experiencing difficulties in school and at home. 
  • To provide one on one mentoring and group mentoring with  positive role models who will offer support and guidance.  
  • To reduce the school drop rate by offering alternatives such as obtaining their G.E.D.
  • To offset the effects of family dissolution and poverty by referring the families to community based agencies, faith based agencies, social services agencies, and others for assistance. 
  • To provide Juvenile Justice, Courts, Law Enforcement and School Officials with an effective early intervention alternative program rather than detention or jail. 
  • Help youths to make positive plans for the future without resorting to crime or the use of drugs or alcohol substances. 
  • To provide Y.E.S.-Youth Enrichment Seminars that will address Life Skills and prepare Youths for the future. 
  • To help reduce the criminal activities committed by juveniles.  
  • To offer an alternative to suspension and expulsion by encouraging educational opportunities. 
  • To provide structured programs so youths can one day become mentors and provide the means to continue Our Mission.
  • To raise funds for program daily operation and to assist youths with scholarships that will allow them to attend college or some other form of institution of learning or trade school. It is our hope that they will in turn become productve citizens and positive role models in society.
  • Develop an effective and dedicated M.P.A.-Mentor Parent Association. This assocation  will be part of the Mentor Program for those parents with youths in the program. M.P.A. dutiess will consist of selecting officers among themselves and meet on a regular bases to discuss issues relating to the programs such as fundraisers, field trips, seminars, workshops, special events, community activties, school activties, and the youths themselves. M.P.A. will be govern by the Mentor Coordinator and must abide by the bylaws and rules set up for the M.P.A.  Officers will serve a term of one year. 

"Mentoring Leaves No Child Behind"